Our values

Working together with a shared ambition.

Collaboration is the ambition that all divisions of the Razel-Bec Group, and therefore Razel Water Solutions, share with their employees, customers and partners.
This ambition is underlined by our dedication to meeting these objectives on a daily basis:

  • to fulfil our commitments;
  • to satisfy our customers;
  • to work in a spirit of partnership and respect for human values;
  • to acknowledge and value our staff and to protect the environment through responsible development;
  • to ensure profitable and sustainable growth;
  • to create value.

To achieve these goals, Razel Waters Solutions employees share strong values that form the basis of the company’s culture.


Ambition is the source of any improvement and innovation. With boldness, courage and realism, we can take on any challenge.


Trust creates team spirit and solidarity. Loyalty, concern for ethics and respect for the individual in all its diversity make it possible for us to maintain lasting relationships with all those involved with our projects.


Competence, knowledge, regular technical enrichment, continuous training and internal promotion form the basis of our professionalism, these are vital to fulfill our commitments.


Working in total safety, completing high-quality projects while meeting deadlines and keeping costs under control, guaranteeing the profitability and longevity of the company, such is our culture, that being the will to obtain results for the satisfaction of our teams, our customers and our partners.

Proud of the values that assert its distinctive brand, Razel Water Solutions, a division of the Razel-Bec Group, is a company on a human scale, independent, responsive and totally committed to the development of its businesses.